Grace Safford is the Editor-in-Chief of The Well. She has been with The Well since its inception in 2017.

Grace stays well by going to the gym three times a week, putting the grossest vinegar she can find on her face, and drinking so much water she might as well be a plant. The only time she went to a yoga class, she fell asleep.

Shayna Take is a Contributing (Copy-)Editor for The Well. In 2017 she helped staff a Well launch party by arranging snacks and taking photos of the finished magazines. As soon as she laid eyes on them she was hooked. Shayna stays well by writing everything important down. She would argue that self care is going into the paragraph menu and selecting ‘first line’ indentation instead of using the ‘tab’ key.

Shayna Take Headshot.jpg


Gillian English is the Assistant Editor of The Well and has been with The Well since it’s first publication in 2017.


Gillian hates running and kale, but she stays well by eating a few carrots every now and then. Her idea of self-care is defined by a shower long enough to piss off her roommates.