The Well publishes articles, personal essays, photo essays, recipes, and art around the topic of wellness every fall and spring. The Well is currently only taking submissions from Champlain College students.


What We Publish:


  • Departmental pieces: 500 words

  • Feature stories: 1800 words

  • Photo Essays: 300-500 words, six photos max, four min

  • Recipes: 300-500 words

  • Art: photography and illustrations


What We Want:


  • Writing with a tangible, wellness-related takeaway

  • Unique pieces that push the boundaries of wellness

  • Articles that make wellness understandable and accessible to readers

  • Articles written for a college audience

  • Original pieces that have not been published elsewhere (including personal websites/social media)

  • The stuff that you care about

What We Don’t Want:


  • Clickbait: “The Crazy Wellness Trend You Need to Try Now”

  • One-time reads: “12 Face Masks X Celebrity Uses Before Bed”

  • Writing with limiting or exclusive language: “This is the Only Way to be Well” 

  • Any writing that is offensive or hurtful to any group of people

  • Fiction and poetry

  • Anything that is not about wellness

Articles We're Specifically Looking for Fall 2019:

  • What I Wish I’d Known. What are some wellness/health concerns/struggles you wish someone had told you about before coming to college? 

  • Found Family. What do “found families” mean to you as a college student?

  • The Power of Naps. What can you tell us about the benefits of napping? 

  • Anxiety. Can you write a personal essay about living with anxiety? 

  • Goat Yoga. We will be over the moon if you can write this article and hang out with some real goats. 

  • How to Laugh. How can humor be used for wellness? 

  • LGBTQIA+ Health. What are some things you think your peers need to know about LGBTQIA+ health?

  • Environmental Wellness. How can caring for the environment help us care for ourselves?

  • Photo Essays. We'd love to see a photo essay about a sport like skateboarding, skiing, or snowboarding, or an activity like cloud watching or tabletop games. 


How to Submit:


Send your 250 words or less pitch to Include your idea, your angle, two possible headlines, and one line about your previous writing experience/interests. Please mention if you have an artist lined up to produce photography or illustrations for your piece.


Completed articles will be considered if sent to The Well, but we encourage you to pitch.


Artists should send their pieces in as a high quality jpg or png.


The Well’s current pitch submission window is:

September 9th to September 30th